Our services

At European Auto Care, we take pride in providing Quality Craftsmanship on all the vehicles we Repair/Service. We use State of the Art Computer Diagnostics prior to performing any work on your vehicle.

We provide all our customers with a professional and knowledgeable recommendations on what is needed to repair your vehicle.

In addition, we provide all customers with the worn/damaged part(s), once it has been replaced and if requested, a digital picture of the repairs performed!

All repairs for parts and labor are warrantied for 12,000 miles or 1 year (for new parts).

We specialize in the Diagnostics, Maintenance and Repair of Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Saab, Volkswagen, Volvo and other European vehicles. We also service American and Asian vehicles, so we can take great care of all your family's cars and trucks.

Maintenance Services

• Service A
• Service B
• Service C
• Inspections 1 and 2
• 5K, 15K, 30K, 60K and 90k
• Mile Factory Maintenance
• Synthetic Motor Oil & Filter Change
• Power Steering Flush Service
• Brake Fluid Flushing
• Belts & Hoses
• Transmission Inspection
• Top-Off All Vehicle Fluid Levels
• Cabin A/C Filter
• Tire Rotation, Pressure and Tread Inspection
• Nitrogen Tire Inflation
• Brake Inspection (Disc & Drum)
• Suspension Inspection
• Wheel Alignment/Balance (Front & Rear)

...and More

electrical systems

• Battery, Alternator and Starter Inspection
• Heater & AC Controls
• Power Windows, Doors, Seats, Locks
• Cruise Control System
• Electrical Short Diagnosis/Repair
• Re-wiring for Harness Damage
• Instrument Gauges & Switches
• Turn Signals, Flashers, & Headlight, Fog Lights
• Window Wipers & Washers
• Radio & Related Components
• Keyless Entry System & Key Programming

...and More

braking system

• ABS Diagnosis & Repair
• Anti-Lock Brake Diagnostics
• Replacement of Break Pads (Disc/Drum)
• Brake Caliper Repair & Service
• Flush of Brake System
• Inspection/Replacement of Brake Rotors
• Master Cylinder & Brake Bleeding & Replacement
• Emergency Brake Repairs
• Machine Service (Drums & Rotors)
• Wheel Bearing Replacement & Repack

...and More

suspension system

• Inspection/Diagnosis
• Alignment
• Shocks & Struts
• Coil Springs
• Ball Joints
• Leaf Springs
• Control Arms
• Wheel Balancing

...and More

exhaust system

• Inspection/Diagnosis
• Catalytic Converters
• Exhaust System
• Tail Pipes
• Crossover Pipes
• Clamps/Hangers
• Exhaust Manifolds
• Gasket Replacement

...and More

Pre-purchase inspection

Find a car that you think you might want to purchase? Don't base your purchase on looks alone.

Have our technicians perform a complete Pre-Purchase Inspection, allowing you to make an informed decision and protect your new investment.

cooling system service & repair

• Inspection & Diagnosis
• Thermostats, Hoses/ Belts
• Radiator Repair/Replace
• AC System Pressure Inspection
• Radiator Repair/Replacement
• Heater Core Inspection
• Water Pump Service
• Thermostat Operation
• Freeze Plug Service
• Cooling System Flush
• Thermostatically Controlled Circuits
• Electrical Fan & Motor Assemblies
• Cooling System Hose/Belt Inspection/replacement
• Electrical Instrument
• Monitor Lights & Gauges

...and More

engine inspection & repair

• Engine Rebuilding
• Engine Overheating
• New Engine Replacement
• Engine Over Heating/Smoking
• Engine Oil Leak Diagnosis/Repair
• Timing Chain & Timing Belt Service
• Valves & Crankshaft replacement
• Check Engine Light Diagnosis

...and More

fuel system & performance

• Fuel Injection Inspection/Service
• Diesel Injection Service
• Vacuum Leaks Diagnosis/Repair
• Fuel Pump Inspection/Repair
• Fuel Lines, Filters and Hoses
• Fuel Tank Replacement
• Gas Gauge & Fuel Tank Sending Unit Service
• Engine Performance Diagnostics
• Pattern Failure Analysis
• Carburetor Rebuilding and Tuning

...and More

transmission service

• Transmission Fluid Service
• Transmission Rebuilding Service
• Automatic/Manual Transmission Repairs & Re-Sealing
• Transmission Replacement Service
• Automatic Trans-axle Service
• Flywheel Machining
• Clutch & Pressure Plate Service (Regular & Hydraulic)
• Hydraulic Master/Slave Cylinder Repairs

...and More